Trimurti is an artistic retreat centre founded by mystic Naropa and a group of friends. This beautiful centre situated in a protected nature reserve is a place for transformation and development of the deepest potential in man. Sacha Retreat Centre

Trimurti represents the three universal forces of creation, perpetuation and dissolution into the absolute.

Trimurti is a place for people who are exploring what it is to live authentically. It is constantly evolving because it is alive and connected to a living and contemporary master. 


It invites you to contribute and discover yourself. Every guest is a part of and determines the spirit of Trimurti. Trimurti liberates you from your limited and distorted mind, opens your being and allows you to express what you are. 


Trimurti is a retreat centre of the Sacha lineage, a living tradition of awakened masters. Surrender and Unconditional Love, Selflessness and Consciousness are the foundations of this living and dynamic tradition. In Trimurti the Natural State is lived.

Inspired by Naropa, Trimurti is a sanctuary living and spreading Naropa’s vision of the new man. We have buried the old mind and are open and receptive to whatever fulfills the human Heart.

Naropa resides here some months each year, enjoying living together. Regularly we organize satsangs and silent retreats and our winter and summer retreat.

Naropa is a ‘Jivan Mukta’, a full blossoming soul. It naturally and simply shares itself. He is liberated from himself, and from your expectations in case you have still any.

Naropa Loves and his presence and guidance is liberating. He is not part of any formal religion or spiritual approach. We cannot define him nor do we try.

He is a human friend and is not made special, does not act holy, nor is he adored.

Liberation is an art, not a struggle. Liberation is the dissolving of the personal consciousness in the absolute.

This path is direct and joyful, confronting and light, intense and relaxed.

If you want to read more about Naropa or watch interviews, visit these links:

Interview in the hills of Trimurti...

By being together in this buddhafield, transformation takes place naturally.

It quickly becomes clear where you are trapped and what you really are. The art is to live what you originally are and to discover and develop your potential. In this Sangha we experiment and play, we meditate and pray.

We live all being dedicated to self-realization and serving. Trimurti is a place for transformation of the mind and awakening of the Heart. In a joyful and celebrating way.

It is absolutely life affirmative and does not focus on problems, since we are not a therapeutic centre.

The centre offers diverse forms of meditation

The program of the centre includes vipassana meditation (retreats and silent days), satsangs, Gayatri mantra recitation, bhajan and mantra singing, dance meditation and much more in resonance with present energy.

Seva is another way of meditation through serving others and contributing.

These are the activities to keep Trimurti running and to support developing it. 

Seva opens the heart. You give your attention totally to what you do, without demanding anything in return.  It is not work, but selfless service. This giving brings you in connection with the art of life.

Current program

4 june

Neighbour’s Day in Trimurti ​

23 december– 13 january

Winter retreat

Visitors are also invited

Trimurti is open to groups and individuals, coming together within the field of love and awareness.

By offering group trainings or workshops within a Buddha field and partly participating in the life of this community, Trimurti provides extra inspiration.

For example, groups can always participate in the Gayatri mantra or experience an online satsang upon request. They are also invited to participate in the seva upon agreement.