What groups can find here

Trainings or workshops within a Buddha field. In alignment with contributing to the place.  The place can host meditation, yoga, dance, body work, voice and sound, artistic and other activities that support wellbeing and can benefit from the energy available in Trimurti.

What groups can find here

Trainings or workshops within a Buddha field in alignment with contributing to the place.  The place can host meditation, yoga, dance, body work, voice and sound, artistic and other activities.

Space well equipped for your event

Mandir, the large meditation hall of 108 m2, provides enough space to host an event for up to 70 people.

The wooden floor makes the space very soft and is decorated by the Sacha mandala. The heating system ensures comfort during the winter time.

Chairs and meditation chairs are available upon request. The room is equipped also with mattresses and a high-quality sound system.

A relaxation Lao-Tzu common space of 85 m2 in the main building can also be rented for meditation or other group activities.

The capacity of the room is up to 30 people. The room has a very natural look and feel thanks to the clay walls, the wooden floor and a woolen carpet.

It offers comfy seating, is very well heated by both floor-and-wall heating and a fireplace. It has a beamer, good sound system and is a nice place for watching films.

Another space which can be rented is the small meditation Dharma Room of 40 m2 outside the main building. It has a fireplace and can host meditation or yoga.


Trimurti has a professionally equipped kitchen, a large food storage room, a spacey dining room and two terraces.

You can use our coffee/tea corner throughout the day. We can also serve you nice coffee from a professional coffee machine. There is also a small shop with snacks and a big fridge to store your own food.

In Trimurti we eat vegetarian food only. Especially in the summer season, we enjoy cooking also from locally produced organic foodstuffs.

On request we can provide food service for your group. Our cook can prepare delicious vegetarian or vegan meals. Paying attention to different kinds of diets is an integral part of this art.

We ask you to participate in chopping the veggies and cleaning the dishes. Or you can rent the kitchen for your own cooking.

Common space

You can relax in the common indoor and outdoor spaces during your stay.

The capacity of the dining room is about 60 people. There is a beautiful tile stove, which makes the room very comfy. The dining room is connected with two terraces for both serving meals and enjoying your rest. The large roofed terrace also has a fireplace and is connected to the garden.

Wi-fi is available in all common spaces.

Shared care for the space is an integral part of Trimurti. This is why you are asked to clean the space you are using by yourselves. We provide you with environment-friendly cleaning supplies.

Out of the door

To make your stay even more enjoyable, you can take advantage of the Finnish sauna, the sweatlodge, an outside swimming pool and a camp fire.

The large premises of the centre offer enough space for your rest. You can relax in the soft grass of the meadow, between the greenery and flowers in the garden or in the shadow of trees.

In Trimurti you find yourself surrounded by pure nature. You can get lost in deep forests picking mushrooms or blueberries. Take a hike following tourist trails, take a swim in the nearby pond.
The place is great for summer and winter sports activities.

Rooms to accommodate different needs

The accommodation capacity of the main building is about 50 people. The total capacity of the centre including summer cottages and tents is around 120 people.

Single rooms, double rooms, triple rooms and studios are available. Most of the rooms have a private bathroom. We recommend bringing your own bedsheets and towels, or you can rent them for a fee.

In the summer season you can let nature enclose you by staying in a cabin or a tent. For this option common showers and toilets are available nearby. The capacity of the cabins is up to 55 people and of the tents 20.

The check-in time is 2 pm and the check-out is at 11 am. You will be asked to clean your room according to the instructions provided. There is a cleaning supplies room on every floor with everything you need.

Please keep silent between 10 pm and 6 am. This supports the quality of your sleep and is also in alignment with the natural rhythm of the place.

Become part of life in Trimurti

Groups can always participate in the Gayatri mantra, silent meditation or experience an online satsang with Naropa upon request. 


They are also invited to participate in the seva upon agreement. These are the activities to keep Trimurti running and to support developing it. Seva is karmayoga, meditation; you give yourself totally to what you do without expecting anything in return. This way you serve naturally, contribute and share your heart with others. 

This giving brings you in connection with the art of life.

Other practical information

You can get here by car or by train. The nearest train station is 5 km away.
There is a large parking lot. Loading and unloading your luggage is easy.
Payment by card is possible.
We provide storage for your bikes, prams, and skis.

We care about the environment. Please be aware which cosmetics you use, how you handle the water and the heating system. We sort waste and you will be asked to join us.

Trimurti is an alcohol-, drug- and smoking-free place. You can smoke outside the gates. Meat consumption is not allowed.

Get in touch with us

If you are interested, call Jana Sacha +420 728 400 257 or use this email: trimurticz@gmail.com.

We will be happy to provide you with more specific info.