What we offer to individual visitors

Find your inner balance in the spirited simplicity of this place. Individual visitors having a deep interest in self-inquiry, love for nature and meditation are welcome.

What we offer to individual visitors

Find your inner balance  in the spirited simplicity of this place. Individual visitors having a deep interest in self-inquiry, love for nature and meditation are welcome.

Space for meditation

The place is filled with the spirit of meditation.

You can always join us for morning or evening meditation, participate in the Gayatri mantra or experience an online satsang with Naropa.

Silent vipassana days are offered quite often and you can also join.

Walking in the woods or working in the garden are also beautiful ways of meditation. You can also meditate looking into the fire in the beautiful fireplace in the dining room, or you can take advantage of the sweatlodge.

Join the life of the centre

You can either be in the center following your own activities or let yourself be nourished by joining the seva.

These are the activities to keep Trimurti running and to support developing it. Seva is meditation, karmayoga. It is serving and contributing. Seva opens the heart. It is not work, but selfless service. You devote your attention totally to what you do, without demanding anything in return.

This giving brings you in connection with the art of life.

Join us bio-gardening, chopping wood, painting the house or making the place beautiful in other ways.


Trimurti has a spacious and well-equipped kitchen, where we cook vegetarian meals using also local organic products. By contributing towards the cost of the food you can join us for daily meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner). Paying attention to different kinds of diets is an integral part of this art of cuisine.

Joining us in this community way of life, you will be asked to join also with preparation of meals, cleaning dishes or small house cleaning during the day.

You can use our coffee/tea corner throughout the day. We can also serve you nice coffee from a professional coffee machine. There is also a big fridge to store your own food in case you choose this.

You can also let yourself be seduced by cafeterias and restaurants in nearby Nové Město and Bystřice nad Pernštejnem.

Your home office and shared space

Shared spaces in the house have a good wi-fi connection.

Upon agreement you can use the centre to combine work for your job with resting in its energy or, in contrast with this, you can join silent vipassana days – disconnect from the online world and connect to your inner source.

Relaxation and active rest

The natural place in the woods supports deep sleep. We keep the place silent between 10 pm and 6 am.

This supports the quality of your sleep and is also in alignment with the natural rhythm of the place.

The centre and its immediate surroundings offer a number of charming spots for yoga, walking, swimming (outdoor swimming pool, two nearby ponds), sauna, cycling, mushroom and berry picking…

You can also go for winter pleasures such as sauna on the premises or cross-country skiing.


We truly welcome families with children.

The usual equipment for kids’ sleeping and eating is available and can be arranged.


Spots that kids can fully enjoy are integrated into the space (swings, kid’s pool, trampoline).


Rooms to accommodate different needs

Single rooms, double rooms, triple rooms and studios are available.

Most of the rooms have a private bathroom. We recommend bringing your own bedsheets and towels, or you can rent them for a fee.

The check-in time is 2 pm and the check-out is at 11 am. You will be asked to clean your room according to the instructions provided. There is a cleaning supplies room on every floor with everything you need.

What to visit

The centre is situated in a protected nature reserve. Beautiful natural places nor far from the inter include: XXXX, XXX, XXX, XX,

You may choose to visit some of the following cultural sites: XXX, XXX, XXX, XXX

Other practical information

You can get here by car or by train. The nearest train station is 5 km away.
There is a large parking lot. Loading and unloading your luggage is easy.
Payment by card is possible.
We provide storage for your bikes, prams, and skis.

We care about the environment. Please be aware which cosmetics you use, how you handle the water and the heating system. We sort waste and you will be asked to join us.

Trimurti is an alcohol-, drug- and smoking-free place. You can smoke outside the gates. Meat consumption is not allowed.

Get in touch with us

If you are interested, call Jana Sacha +420 728 400 257 or use this email: trimurticz@gmail.com.

We will be happy to provide you with more specific info.